The role of personality in design

Source: Heartbeat on Dribbble

Personality comes through in design through visual aesthetics, typography, and interactions. All these design decisions need to be carefully considered. If your website were a person, who would it be? It is essential to list out characteristics you want your website to portray as well as the emotions you want it to evoke. The end goal is to bring out the personality and forget you are interacting with a computer.

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Graphic Design

Personality in terms of graphic design focuses on the brand identity values and ideologies. It speaks to people and emotionally engages its audience.

Personality allows companies to establish a brand and communicate their values. The values are what people connect with.

We all have unique personality traits; that’s why incorporating your authentic self into brands is the best marketing. When we see ourselves in product marketing through their storytelling, it forms a valuable connection, which in turn is more likely to earn you a loyal consumer. We enjoy supporting brands that are similar to us.

Source: Makers Company on Dribbble

Design with Personality

We crave human-to-human connection and thus we long to see reflections of ourselves in design. It helps us connect, relate and empathize with the work.

Designing with personality could mean having creative workplaces or being surrounded by creative energy. Whatever you need to do, get yourself on the page.